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Asbestos Removal Sutherland Shire

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If you’re looking for a professional and trustworthy asbestos removal provider, you’ve found one!
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My name is Daniel Kelly, proprietor and hands-on technician.

Unlike many larger abatement providers, I am the person who assesses your situation and the one who attends, inspects, assures quality, signs off on, and follows up to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

I will personally walk you through the journey from hazardous home to safe family haven.

Both my team and myself have developed a reputation for attention to detail, clear communication and honouring our commitment to deliver exactly what was promised. But more on that later.

What This Site Delivers:

Asbestos Removal Sutherland Shire is an information site provided by All Southern Asbestos Removal. We’re keen to provide you with our domestic asbestos removal service, however we also aim to provide you with the information you need to assess your situation.

We want you to understand both your situation and your options, and if removal is required, we also want you to appreciate why we truly are a trustworthy, thorough and accredited service provided that genuinely cares about Sutherland Shire home-owners.

Understanding Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous and dangerous material. This is not in question. Yet, asbestos should not elicit a panicked response. The key to peace-of-mind and safety is understanding what you are dealing with. That said, every product that contains asbestos deserves cautious respect and awareness.

But how concerned should you be about it’s presence in your home and on your property?

5 Core Asbestos Removal Facts

Here’s five truths worth knowing:

The Really Bad News:

Asbestos fibres cause a variety of hideous cancerous diseases, including lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. If an asbestos product is broken or handled in any way that causes abrasion to the material, fibres can be released into the air, or onto clothes. These then are inhaled .

The Bad News:

Asbestos fibres do NOT breakdown, do not have an odour, do not dissolve or evaporate, are typically undetectable by the human eye, and rarely aggravate when breathed in. The result? tragically, you don’t know you inhaled them until decades later

The Comforting News:

The danger of inhaling asbestos fibres decreases if the material is less friable (or less easily crumbled). As a general guide, the risk of inhaling fibres depends on the materials and their condition. See the table at right as a guide only. Also, if your home was built after 1990, it is unlikely that your home was built using asbestos materials (though it would be presumptuous to be 100% sure).

TABLE1: A Non-Exhaustive Guide to Evaluating Risk
  1. Lowest: Firmly bonded uses as you find in linoleum and vinyl flooring
  2. Low: Textured coatings or cement, such as is common in older wall sheets, roof tiles, and gutters.
  3. Medium: Well bonded but high content items such as gaskets, gaiters, rope insulation.
  4. High: Asbestos insulation board (also called Asbestoslux, Marinite) and pipe lagging. Boards are common in ceiling tiles, bathrooms, roof verges and fascia, internal partition boards, and door linings. Asbestos pipe lagging includes cases of Caposite and thermal insulation.
  5. Very High: Loose fill or sprayed insulations are a very high risk.

The Good News:

Some removal can be handled by yourself (if you choose) and some fears you have may not be justified at all.

The Best News:

We can provide you with a no obligation free quote, and the extraction processes – while they are detailed and do cause some inconvenience – are affordable and an extremely wise investment. If there is doubt regarding what substance we are dealing with, lab testing can also be conducted (a small fee applies).

Is It Asbestos?

The Sutherland Shire has an enormous number of homes that were built before 1990, most of which are likely to contain asbestos. And as for the land these homes are built upon … ? Well, let’s just say caution is wise.

Identifying those asbestos products that require removal is not always straightforward. A variety of images and videos are available at the Asbestos Awareness website, and you may find these helpful. If you would like to learn more, additional information can be found here.

Also, please receive a friendly caution against collecting samples and organising testing yourself. There is a stipulated Australian testing standard (AS4964) and there are significant precautions that need to be taken. If you choose to go down this road, ensure you’re doing it correctly.

Asbestos isn’t a manufactured substance. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that is employed in an enormous range of uses. You can find it in and around your home in the form of:

  • Roofing: sheeting, capping, guttering, gables, eaves.
  • Plumbing and drainage: pipes and flues
  • Walls: wall sheeting, imitation brick cladding
  • Floors: vinyl, carpet and tile underlays
  • Construction elements: backing boards to switchboards, building boards, waterproofing, window seals, joints, beam packing and concrete formwork
  • Home Surrounds: fencing, sheds and carports.

As you can see, in older homes, it can literally be “everywhere”! If you are in doubt, just phone 0406 957 490 or complete the Contact Request form. More often than not, you’ll speak directly with myself (Daniel) and if a site visit is appropriate, I will happily attend to quote and/or put your mind at ease.

Do I Need to Remove The Asbestos?

The short answer, is ”No”; the most responsible answer for the protection of you and your family is, “If in doubt, stay safe and find out fast!”.

As stated already, call me on 0406 957 490 and immediate feedback and helpful hints will be provided over the phone. You might also choose to download the “Asbestos Awareness – Healthy House Checklist” and make a personal review using this information.

Again, whatever your chosen course of action, please be careful!

Is Asbestos Removal A Problem In the Sutherland Shire?

The Sutherland Shire was an urban construction hotbed for a long time, particularly after the 1950s. As a result, many of our fellow Shire neighbours live in houses that were constructed before 1990. According to the Australian government’s Asbestosis Safety and Eradication Agency, pre-90s homes are “likely” to “highly likely” to contain asbestos.

Yes, the Shire’s asbestos issue is serious. Even in the Shire’s more recently developed areas, such as those on land released in the 1970s west of Sutherland, there are many homes that were constructed pre-1990. Throughout the Shire there are also an immeasurable number of homes that, even though the buildings were constructed post-1990, they were built on land contaminated by shoddy demolition processes.

In fact, it was repeated asbestos encounters when installing fences that led to the creation of All Southern Asbestos Removal. Many of these fences were being installed on properties with houses built post-1990. Nevertheless, on far too many occasions, even AFTER other organisations had supposedly cleared the property of asbestos, those same contaminant sheets, fragments and pipes were still being found in the soil.

Those who supposedly cleared the property used methods that were lazy and substandard at best, or dangerous and fraudulent at worst, including breaking off sheets at ground level rather than digging out the material. Since homeowners are by law required to leave the property when abatement processes are taking place, there was certainly opportunity for shoddy, fraudulent and dangerous practices.

When it comes to asbestos removal, you NEED to be able to trust the people who work for you!

This website and All Southern Asbestos Removal now operate as a companion business to All Southern Fencing and Gates. But more on that below.

For now, let’s focus on learning facts that will help you make a safe decision.

Some Asbestos Removal Safety Considerations

Most people know asbestos kills. Perhaps the most insidious aspect of asbestos is not the painful death that inhalation causes, but the fact that it does not show its effects until decades after inhalation. This causes some to act casually with what is a very serious substance.

That is a mistake!

At its most basic, you need to know that friable asbestos is very dangerous. Friable means that it is in powder form, or can be polarised, crumbled or otherwise broken down by hand pressure when dry.

Safety precautions include:

  1. Approved protective clothing,
  2. An effective mask or breathing apparatus (not all are safe),
  3. Specific processes to ensure fibres are not dispersed into the air,
  4. Notification to Safe Work NSW.
  5. Prescribed storage, wetting down and sealing processes,
  6. Licensed disposal sites ( it is illegal to dispose of it elsewhere),
  7. Soil treatment for asbestos contaminated soil,
  8. Specific and detailed notifications to neighbours (so they can take precautions), and
  9. In some cases, additional legislative restrictions and compliance issues.

More detailed instructions are available on the fact sheet

If you have any concerns regarding the disposal or transportation of asbestos, particularly of an environmental nature, you can access information from the NSW Environmental Protection Agency. If you are concerned about a neighbour or work being conducted in your area that you think might contain asbestos, call the Sutherland Shire Council on (02) 9710 0333.

This website provides some general guidance, however your specific circumstances should be treated with focused and individualised care. Simply relying on information such as this is not recommended.

If you would like to ask a question or request a free, no-obligation quote, you can complete the Contact Request Form or phone 0406 957 490.

Choosing an Asbestos Removal Provider

Priority one is understanding core facts about asbestos. This is why if you haven’t already read the information above, it would be wise to do so.

Priority two is having faith on the professionals you employ. You need peace-of-mind as you’re going to be trusting someone with:

⦿    A highly specialised and compliance laden process,
⦿    A service you cannot supervise (by law, home owners are required to leave the property when work is being done), and
⦿    A service that has life and death implications for your family, friends and neighbours.

This can be difficult.

Priority three is price. This is a service where you should seek a fair price – not the lowest. You need the job done properly, attention to detail, care and commitment are rarely acquired on the cheap. At the same time, if it seems like an absurd quote, it might well be. As before, ask lots of questions and in so doing put your mind at ease. You want to be at peace when assuring the safety of your family!

So, how do you find a service provider that:

⦿    Provides information that leads to understanding?
⦿    Is trustworthy, professional and goes the extra mile because they genuinely care?
⦿    Quotes at a fair price that enables the job to be done right?

You’ve found one.

Here’s some good reasons Shire residents have trusted my team and I in the past, and will continue to contract All Southern Asbestos Removal to remedy this significant concern.

  1. As Sutherland Shire locals who serve the Sutherland Shire, St George and Wollongong, our reputation matters. We allow no room for shortcuts.
  2. With a history of referral-based sales extending from All Southern Fencing, we bring the same level of professionalism and commitment to asbestos removal.
  3. My team and I have established a reputation for efficient, affordable, caring, professional, thorough and personable service.
  4. All Southern Asbestos Removal is fully insured and accredited by Safe Work NSW/Australia.

You can be confident you will be looked after in every conceivable way. We care about our incredible Sutherland Shire, and we care about our fellow Shire neighbours.

Don’t play renovation roulette with you and your family’s health. To ensure your home is safe from risk, and to set your mind at ease, contact us.

For a no obligation and free quote, call me on 0406 957 490. If you would prefer a call back, use the Contact Request Form provided.

Daniel Kelly
Proprietor and Licensed Asbestos Removal Technician ( Licence: AD210903 )

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